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7 April Today in Indian History

7 April Today in Indian History
Events for April 7
7-April-1506Saint Francis Xavier, Jesuit priest, Spanish missionary teaching in India and Japan, was born in the Spanish kingdom of Navarre.
7-April-1541Father Francis Xavier, Spanish founder of the Jesuits, 35, and three friends set sail from Lisbon, Portugal for Goa. They became the first Roman Catholic missionaries to travel to India.
7-April-1818British Government imposed 'State Prisoners Regulation III -1818' for detention and deportion of political prisoners and revolutionaries without any trial. This black act was in force till 1947 when India got independence.
7-April-1920Ravi Shankar Bhattacharya, renowned Sitar player (Sounds of India), was born in Banaras, India.
7-April-1929England's Imperial Airways had extended its flight to London-Karachi instead of London-Kahira. It was the first commercial air service in undivided India.
7-April-1934Mahatma Gandhi suspended his campaign of civil disobedience in India.
7-April-1935Shankar Abaji Bhise, famous Indian scientist, died.
7-April-1938Kashiram Chhabildas Rana was born in Surat (Gujarat).
7-April-1942Anandshankar Bapubhai Dhruv, famous Gujarati expert, Sanskrit Pandit and editor of a monthly magzine, died.
7-April-1962Umrigar slams 172* vs WI at Port-of-Spain in 248 minutes.
7-April-1986Charles Sobhraj and his associate David Hall were nabbed at Mapusa in Goa.
7-April-1987In a case filed by Saira Banu of Kerela, Supreme Court held that all wives, including Muslim women, whose husbands have either married again or taken a mistress are entitled to maintenance.
7-April-1993Narsimha Rao,PM, arrives in Bangkok on a three-day visit to Thailand.
7-April-1997Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan finalise preparations for a new trade bloc called 'Growth Quadrangle'.
7-April-1997NAM foreign ministers two-day conference begins in New Delhi.
7-April-1998Soli Sorabjee is appointed Attorney-General of India.
7-April-2000The Delhi police unearth a multicrore cricket betting and match- fixing racket involving five South African cricketers, including the captain Hansie Cronje. A Delhi-based Indian operator Rajesh Kalra put behind bars.

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