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15 April Today in Indian History

15 April Today in Indian History
Events for April 15
15-April-1658Raja Jaswant Singh was defeated at Dharmat. He was sent by Shahjahan and Dara Shukoh to resist Aurangzeb's advance towards Agra.
15-April-1794Moropant Paradkar, great poet of Marathi in Peshwa kingdom, passed away.
15-April-1874Tryambak Sitaram Karkhanis, founder of `Maharashtra Natak Mandali', was born.
15-April-1883Narhar Raghunath Phatak, famous journalist and historian, was born.
15-April-1890Gaganvihari Lalubhai Mehta, famous Indian economist, politician and journalist, was born.
15-April-1895Bal Gangadhar Tilak inagurated the Shivaji Mahotsav at Raigad Fort.
15-April-1901Balakrishna Janardan Mohoni, cricket Test Umpire for 11 Tests from 1948-57, was born in Maharashtra.
15-April-1919Arjan Singh, Air Chief Marshal and Padma Vibhushan, DFC, was born in Lyalpur.
15-April-1919British troops kill 400 Indians, who were demonstrating against the British rule at Amritsar for the forced marshall law on Punjab.
15-April-1926Gurvel Singh Pannu, famous Hindi writer, was born in Lauhka, Punjab.
15-April-1927Abha Gandhi, servant to Gandhi, was born.
15-April-1932Suresh Shridhar Bhat, famous poet, was born.
15-April-1938Madhurima. Ch, educationist and artist, was born in Begusarai, Bihar .
15-April-1942George VI awards the George Cross to the people of Malta.
15-April-1946The Kangla Tongbi war memorial built for 221 members Advance Base Depot, who laid down their lives to repulse several waves of Japanese attacks, was erected near a village named Kangla Tongbi at Mile 8 on the Imphal - Dimapur road. It was originally erected from local stone and the main epitaph displayed above is of black Naga stone.
15-April-1946Triumphant over flesh and pain they passed away our day of peace to Cain. The original memorial was erected from local stone and the main epitaph displayed above is of black Naga stone.
15-April-1947The new Indian Parliament appeals for non-violence.
15-April-1947Issues with Jinnah a joint appeal for communal peace.
15-April-1948Indian territory of Himachal Pradesh was created by the merger of some 30 small ruling states.
15-April-1948Purushottamdas Tandon was honoured with the title of 'Rajashri' at a huge rally by Devaraha Baba. He was awarded the Prestigious 'Bharat Ratna' award.
15-April-1950Acharya Vinoba Bhave requested to the villagers of Panchampalli Telangana, Andhra Pradesh to give 80 acres of land, and with this he had started his 'Bhudan Andolan'.
15-April-1956A combined army and police action against well armed Naga rebels.
15-April-1962S. S. Khera was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He held this office till 18-11-1964
15-April-1963Manoj Prabhakar, cricketer (Indian opening batsman & opening bowler), was born in Ghaziabad.
15-April-1975India recognises the Sihanouk Government in Cambodia.
15-April-1975Janata Party's `People's March' to Parliament.
15-April-1976India announces it will send an envoy to Peking, first time in 15 years.
15-April-1980Six more private sector banks nationalized.
15-April-1984Extremist Sikhs plunder 40 stations in Punjab, India.
15-April-1992Union Carbide decides to sell its holdings in India to raise upto $ 17 million for a hospital in Bhopal.
15-April-1992D. T. Lakdawala, former member of Planning Commission, passed away.
15-April-1994India signed `GAT' agreement.
15-April-1996Shyam Benegal's film 'The Making of a Mahatma' released in S. Africa
15-April-1997Interest rate on domestic term deposits brought down from 10 to nine per cent by RBI.
15-April-1998Punjab men and Railways women emerge champions in the National Volleyball League in Patna.
15-April-2000Baichung Bhutia became the first Asian-player to score a goal in the professional English game.

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