Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Geometry Ebook by svcaedu

Geometry eBook by svcadu

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The word geometry originates from the Greek words (geo meaning world, metri meaning measure) and means, literally, to measure the earth. It is an ancient branch of mathematics, but its modern meaning depends largely on context. Geometry largely encompasses forms of non-numeric mathematics, such as those involving measurement, area and perimeter calculation, and work involving angles and position
Geometry Ebook by svcaedu

                      It was one of the two fields of pre-modern mathematics, the other being the study of numbers. In modern times, geometric concepts have been generalized to a high level of abstraction and complexity, and have been subjected to the methods of calculus and abstract algebra, so that many modern branches of the field are barely recognizable as the descendants of early geometry. This Wikibooks is dedicated to high school geometry and geometry in general.

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