Sunday, 18 December 2016

18 December 2016

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18 December 2016
Daily Wordlist based on the HINDU

1. Tactile
Mean : pertaining to the sense of touch
Ex : Blind people use their tactile sense to read Braille.
Syn : Haptic; Palpable; Tactual; Tangible

2. Temperate
Mean : moderate, self-restrained
Ex : The region around the Mediterranean sea is a temperate zone.
Syn : Abstemious; Abstinent
Ant : Drunk; Inebriated; Uncontrolled

3. Veracity 
Mean : truthfulness, honest, accuracy
Ex : The veracity of his statement remains to be established.
Syn : Candor; Genuineness; Trustworthiness
Ant : Deceit; Deviousness; Evasion

4. Vex
Mean : to annoy or irritate
Ex : Don’t vex me with so many silly questions.
Syn : Bother; Irk; Irritate
Ant : Appease; Assuage; Comfort; Soothe

5. Jocose
Mean : full of jokes, wit, jocular, humorous
Ex : His jocose manner managed to lighten the atmosphere a little, but many people thought it
was unsuitable for such a solemn occasion.
Syn : Comical; Facetious; Farcical; Ridiculous
Ant : Grave; Morose; Serious; Solemn

6. Laconic 
Mean : very brief and to the point
Ex : A laconic reply is least expected of a salesman.
Syn : Curt; Succinct; Terse
Ant : Garrulous; Loquacious; Verbose

7. Melancholy 
Mean : a gloomy, sorrowful state of mind
Ex : Ecstasy and melancholy are part of life.
Syn : Dejected; Depressed; Dispirited
Ant : Delight; Ecstasy

8. Motility 
Mean : ability to move spontaneously
Ex : Motility of spores is so remarkable that they can travel for miles before taking rest.
Syn : Movement
Ant : Stagnation; Stasis

9. Fortuitous
Mean : Happening by accident or chance
Ex : The collapse of its rivals brought fortuitous gains to the company.
Syn : impromptu; improvised; impulsive; incidental
Ant : Determined; Directed; Focused; Goal-Oriented; Guided; Motivated; Planned; Pointed; Purposeful; Resolute

10. Gauche 
Mean : Lacking social polish; tactless
Ex : "The excellent manners followed by the rich always make me feel gauche"
Syn : Gawky; Graceless; Uncouth; Uncultivated; Uncultured
Ant : Adroit; Agile; Coordinated; Dexterous; Graceful; Sophisticated

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